Christmas Recipes That We Love (And You Will Too!)

I’m not going to lie…I love to eat and my favorite time to do so is on the holidays. My mother’s side of the family is from the South, so all their Christmas recipes are creamy, cheesy, hammy, and/or yeasty. Just thinking about all that yummy goodness makes my stomach rumble for more.

Christmas Recipes That We Love

Better than all that food though is how it brings a family together. It doesn’t take much for me to remember Christmas supper (dinner to you Northerners) when my Grandmother was still with us.

In our family, we start with finger foods, like pickles, olives, and veggies. When Grandmother called us to the table, we’d sit down to a meal of glazed ham with pineapple rings and cherries, steaming yeast rolls fresh out of the oven, mashed potatoes swimming in butter, giblet gravy, cornbread dressing with so much sage it bit you back, candied yams with either brown sugar and pecans or slightly toasted marshmallows depending on how Grandmother felt that day, green beans with bacon, and creamed corn. We’d also have a salad as a nod to healthier eating. Seriously, though, who did we think we were kidding?

After we demolished that and had a good long while to digest, we set into the desserts. My favorite to this day is Grandmother’s coconut cake and homemade custard. I make it every year for my family but the only ones who eat it are my husband and myself, which means more for us. I guess my kids don’t get the allure of a good Christmas coconut cake.

There would be pecan pie encrusted with sugar glazed pecans and possibly a banana pie made with real bananas and custard — none of that store bought pudding for us! And a clever adult or two scattered cookies, candy, and chocolate treats about to keep the kids happy.

It’s all delicious and fattening but I don’t care. It’s my favorite time of year made even better with delicious food.

9 Christmas Recipes

If you’re interested in making your own Southern Christmas supper, grab a recipe and start cooking ASAP. You need to practice before Christ’s birthday, now don’t you?

What is your favorite Christmas dish? Post them in the comments!

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  1. Hungarian Coffee Cake!

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