Christmas Lights - a novella collection


Christmas Lights Reviews

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From Faith, Goodreads:

What a fun read this was. The collection, made up of four books by four different authors, was a pleasant surprise to me. I wasn’t sure about a couple of the writers that I had never read before. As it turned out they were just as fun to read as the ones with whom I was familiar.

The collection was a great combination; each book was totally different from the others. The variety made an enjoyable holiday book as a whole. The approach in each one presented a different aspect of Christmas. Each author had a distinct style that made each book stand out with its own character and personality.

The Heart of Joy revealed how God can bring joy out of sorrow; that when we trust in Him and wait on Him with patience He will reward us with joy and peace; that’s why He came to earth as a babe and saves us by His sacrifice on the cross. Joy and O’Dell went through great sorrow, but saw God bring all things to good in their lives. It’s a great love story, not mushy!

Snow Angels taught a great lesson about having a heart for others and not making judgments based on appearances. Lisa and Pete are wonderful characters. The story is full of great humor and great lessons of love between people here and between people and God. There are good spiritual truths, but no sermonizing. Another good romance, too. I really loved this book!

Trip the Light Fantastic was another tale with good humor, a good story, and lovable characters. Once again Christmas is the time frame and loving others is one of the themes of the book. There’s a bit of mystery as well as Trip, an FBI agent, is given a case that will hold the potential for an arrest he hopes will earn him a promotion. But the twists and turns keep Trip puzzled and the reader guessing.

Christmas Stalkings brings a whole new meaning to Christmas! What a fun, humorous book. True to her style, the author has brought us a great story, some funny scenes, great characters, a little romance, and Biblical principles all rolled up into one great book about Christmas. Put together Wendy, who loves cats and owns seven, one very shy Peter, the neighbor to whom Wendy is attracted, one very cranky Neal, the neighbor whom Wendy could definitely live without, and one unknown stalker, and you have a story from which you can’t tear yourself away.