Lead a Merry Dance


Trip the Light FantasticLance “Trip” Devereaux is an FBI agent tasked with the nearly impossible job of tailing and, hopefully, arresting Landry Crawford, the wiliest conman east of the Mississippi River. But during his investigation, things go horribly wrong for the klutzy G-man. Will Trip nab his man in time for Christmas? Or will he be left out in the cold?

Author Bio

Hi there! My name’s April Hayman and I love stationery, writing, books, and a good cup of coffee. I’m unashamedly Christian, which means that when you read my books, your kids won’t be scarred for life if they read over your shoulder. Feel free to visit me over at the Picayune Pen, my little corner of the interwebs. It’s where I push back the virtual tide with handwritten notes, fountain pens, luxurious paper, and a lot of storytelling.